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List of accepted long papers

List of Accepted Long Papers :

(Fisrt name and surname of the first author of the paper)
Paper Id Title First Name Surname
27 The implication of outsourcing practices for knowledge management ahmad sardari
34 Applying Knowledge Management in Business-to-Business implementation Eva Söderström
41 Adaptability of Methods for Processing XML Data using Relational Databases - the State of the Art and Open Problems Irena Mlynkova
46 An Achievement Oriented Method Engineering Process Model Naveen Prakash
47 A context-based Measure for Discovering Approximate Semantic Matching between Schema elements duchateau fabien
48 What Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Systems Usage Can and Can not Tell about Each Other Maya Daneva
51 Fuzzy Ontologies and Scale-free Networks Analysis Silvia Calegari
52 Developing an Inter-Enterprise Alignment Maturity Model: Research Challenges and Solutions Roberto Santana Tapia
61 From Business process design to the intranet application: a methodological approach Roberto Paiano
80 A New Quantitative Trust Model for Negotiating Agents Jamal Bentahar
81 Synthesizing Information Systems: the APIS Project Marc Frappier
83 IRIT Paul Sabatier University And Toulouse I university Toulouse France Mbarki Mohamed
84 An Exploratory Experiment to Validate Measures for Business Process Models Elvira Rolón
88 Design of a Modelling Language for Information System Security Risk Management Nicolas Mayer
93 Protocol Management Systems as a Middleware for Inter-Organizational Workflow Coordination Andonoff Eric
94 Using Computer Science Modeling Techniques for Airport Security Certification Regine Laleau
98 User Interaction Support for Incremental Refinement of Preference-Based Queries Wolf-Tilo Balke
99 Description Logic with default for expressing authorization BOUSTIA NARHIMENE
100 Effects of Thesaurus in Requirements Elicitation Junzo Kato
109 Identification constraints in SHOIN(D) Thi Dieu Thu NGUYEN
111 Enterprise Architecture - from Practice Issues to Research Innovation Camille Salinesi
112 A SPN based approach for reliability prediction of BPEL process duhang zhong
113 Workflow Engines Comparison Model Khalid Benali
117 Capturing Intentional Services with Business Process Maps Rim Samia Kaabi
119 Requirements Modelling for Multi-Stakeholder Distributed Systems: Challenges and Techniques Xavier Franch
120 Wiki usages in a corporate context-results of an experimental study Ali OUNI
124 Strategic Alignment Documentation Laure-Hélčne Thevenet
125 Features Interaction in Adaptive Service-driven Environments: A Reflective Petri Nets-Based Approach Nasreddine Aoumeur
127 Relevance Feedback for XML Retrieval: using structure and content to expand queries Lobna Hlaoua
140 A Quality Driven Methodology for eGovernment Project Planning Gianluigi Viscusi
142 Extracted Knowledge Interpretation in Mining Biological Data : a Survey Martine Collard
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