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List of accepted doctoral papers

List of Accepted Doctoral Papers :

(Fisrt name and surname of the first author of the paper)
Paper Id Title First Name Surname
10 A Practical Approach to Enrich Classification of Digital Libraries Bilal Zaka
22 Google Scholar's Ranking Algorithm: The Impact of Citation Counts (An Empirical Study) Jöran Beel
38 A Model-based Agents and Ontology for Semantic Information Search NESSAH Djamel
59 Information Retrieval in Context Using Various Health Terminologies saoussen sakji
67 Matrix Model of Trust Management in P2P Networks Miroslav Novotny
80 capitalization and sharing of situated explicit engineering knowledge chourabi olfa
102 Representation, handling and recognition of mathematical objects: state of the art JAKJOUD Widad
104 Bearing the Challenge of Multidisciplinarity by Business Rules- Based System Analysis Olga Levina
127 Entropy Analysis on Predictability of Stock Daily Returns Hang Yu
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