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Accepted long papers

List of Accepted Long Papers :

(Fisrt name and surname of the first author of the paper)
Paper Id Title First Name Surname
6 Efficient Skyline Refinement using Trade-Offs Christoph Lofi
17 The Role of Trusted Computing in the Secure Migration Library for Agents Antonio Muñoz
23 Framework for extending plagiarism detection in virtual worlds Bilal Zaka
25 e3alignment: Exploring Inter-Organizational Alignment in Value Webs Jaap Gordijn
33 Efficient Evaluation of Preference Query Processes Using Twig Caches Wolf-Tilo Balke
36 Guidelines for Industrially-Based Multiple Case Studies in Software Engineering June Verner
39 Modeling Knowledge Management Systems For Component-Based Software Engineering Mostefai Mohammed Amine
44 A Recommendation Algorithm for Knowledge Objects based on a Trust Model Aurora Vizcaino
51 Word Stretching for Effective Segmentation and Classification of Historical Arabic Handwritten Documents Zaher Al Aghbari
54 Validated Real Time Middle Ware For Distributed Cyber Physical Systems Using HMM Nitin Rakesh
55 An approach for Model-Driven test generation MARIA JOSE ESCALONA
60 A Distributed Trust and Reputation Framework for Scientific Grids Nicoletta Dessì
61 AgentMat: Framework for Data Scraping and Semantization Miloslav Beno
70 A Data Stream Model for Home Device Description Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi
73 Towards automatic semantic annotation of data rich web pages Ismail Jellouli
76 Benchmark graphs for the evaluation of Clustering Algorithms Lefteris Moussiades
87 Design and Implementation of Efficient Storage Schemas and Low-level Storage Manager for GML Documents Yongki Kim
96 Unity Criteria for Business Process Modelling Sergio España
101 A Decision Tree Based Quasi-Identifier Perturbation Technique for Preserving Privacy in Data Mining Bi-Ru Dai
103 A formal method for cost and accuracy trade-off analysis in software assessment measures Ulrik Franke
105 Selecting Mobile Office Devices using a Goal-Oriented Approach Carlos Cares
107 Goal Reasoning for Quality Elicitation in the ISOA approach Assia AIT ALI SLIMANE
109 Using UML Profiles to Interchange DSML and UML Models Giovanni Giachetti
111 Semantic exploitation of persistent metadata in engineering models: application to geological models Laura Mastella
112 Supporting Variability in Goal-based Requirements Farida Semmak
114 Ethics as an Increasing Issue for Information Science Nathalie DAGORN
116 A New AHP-based Approach towards Enterprise Architecture Quality Attribute Analysis Mahsa Razavi
117 A Collaborative Workflow for Building Ontologies: A Case Study in the Biomedical Field Ricardo Gacitua
120 Context-Awareness for Adequate Business Process Modelling Oumaima Saidani
122 PABRE: Pattern-Based Requirements Elicitation Carme Quer
130 Querying XML Data Streams from Wireless Sensor Networks: An Evaluation of Query Engines Martin F O Connor
131 An Efficient Analysis of Honeypot Data Based on Markov Chain Tanon Lambert KADJO
134 Enhancing the Guidance of the Intentional Model "MAP": Graph Theory Application Rébecca Deneckère
137 How Specific should Requirements Engineering be in the Context of Decision Information Systems? Camille Salinesi
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