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Accepted short papers

List of Accepted Short Papers :

(Fisrt name and surname of the first author of the paper)
Paper Id Title First Name Surname
27 Data Base Reuse Methodology - ReTARI Rosa Gonzales
28 Representing User Definable Rules for Decision Making in the Single Location Surveillance Point Mikko Nieminen
34 Quality in Ubiquitous Information Systems Design Sophie Dupuy-Chessa
43 Algorithms for Proteins Biclustering Faouzi Mhamdi
46 Outsourced Strategic IT Systems Development Risk Lili Marziana Abdullah
64 An Approach for Testing Mobile Agents Using the Nets within Nets Paradigm Yacine Kissoum
74 Analysis and modelling of industrial systems in order to develop an information system MOHAMED NAJEH LAKHOUA
79 Learning style appropriate to the personal character of a learner: Pedagogical Indexing Learning Object Baribi soufiane
88 Semantic Technologies for E-Government: Application Scenarios Dimitris Karagiannis
93 Component-Based Development: Extension with Business Component Reuse Rajaa Saidi
94 Towards More Secure Web Services - Exploiting and Analysing XML Signature Security Issues Tomas Knap
106 View Selection and Placement in Distributed Data Warehousing Systems Zohra BELLAHSENE
110 Tackling Visual Complexity of Goal-Oriented Models Ana Dias
128 A component retrieval system Hassania OUCHETTO
143 Management of Documentary Multistructurality: Case of Documentary Versions Karim DJEMAL
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