18th Research Challenges in Information Science

Information Science: Evolution or Revolution?

Guimarães, Portugal, 14-17 May, 2024

Social Events
During RCIS’2024, several social events are being organized. If you have a full or main conference registration (regular or student), you will be able to attend them.

Tuesday – 14 May 2024

Conference Walking Tour | 18h – 20h

Tuesday – 14 May 2024

Conference Icebreaker | Ramada 1930 Bar | 20h – 22h

Wednesday – 15 May 2024

Conference Reception | CM Guimarães (City Council) | 19:30h – 21:30h

Thursday – 16 May 2024

Conference Dinner | 20h – 23h

Buses leave at 19:45 (local time). Meeting Point: Conference Venue (CCVF)

The conference dinner will take place in Pousada Santa Marinha da Costa (Pousada Mosteiro Guimarães), a former XII Century Augustin Monastery, which after being rebuilt and restored, received in 1985 the National Architectural Prize. Nowadays, this historic luxury hotel has beautiful gardens, a magnificent stone staircase, and an artificial lake among the trees. During the night, admire the rich Portuguese tiles, the cloisters and terraces overlooking the city, and enjoy the magnificent cuisine and wines.

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