Important Dates
Conference: May 11 - 14, 2021
Posters/Demos/DC/RP Submission Deadline:
February 19 , 2021
Submission deadline only for tutorials:
March 19, 2021
Conference Registration:
12 Mar 2021 – 11 May 2021

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Samira Cherfi
CNAM, France

Anna Perini
FBK, Italy


Prof. George Angelos Papadopoulos
University of Cyprus


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Main Track Accepted Papers

Hegler Tissot Novel Perspectives and Applications of Knowledge Graph Embeddings: From Link Prediction to Risk Assessment and Explainability
Judith Wewerka and Manfred Reichert Robotic Process Automation in Knowledge-Intensive Domains - Lessons Learned from an Exploratory Case Study
Rebecca Deneckere, Elena Kornyshova and Charlotte Hug A Framework for Comparative Analysis of Intention Mining Approaches
Simone Agostinelli, Andrea Marrella and Massimo Mecella Exploring the Challenge of Automated Segmentation in Robotic Process Automation
Nanee Chahinian, Thierry Bonnabaud La Bruyere, Francesca Frontini, Carole Delenne, Marin Julien, Rachel Panckhurst, Mathieu Roche, Lucile Sautot, Laurent Deruelle and Maguelonne Teisseire WEIR-P: An Information Extraction Pipeline for the Wastewater Domain.
Alia El Bolock, Nada Elaraby, Cornelia Herbert and Slim Abdennadher CCOnto: The Character Computing Ontology
Landy Andriamampianina, Franck Ravat, Jiefu Song and Nathalie Valles-Parlangeau Towards an efficient approach to manage graph data evolution: conceptual modelling and experimental assessments
Benjamin Dalmas, Fabrice Baranski and Daniel Cortinovis Predicting process activities and timestamps with Entity-Embeddings Neural Networks
Nils Finke, Marisa Mohr, Alexander Lontke, Marwin Zufle, Samuel Kounev and Ralf Moller Recommendations for Data-Driven Degradation Estimation with Case Studies from Manufacturing and Dry-Bulk Shipping
Lhorie Pirnay and Corentin Burnay Data-Driven Causalities for Strategy Maps
Reynald Eugenie and Erick Stattner DISDi: Discontinuous Intervals in Subgroup Discovery
Veronika Plotnikova, Marlon Dumas and Fredrik P. Milani Adapting the CRISP-DM Data Mining Process: A Case Study in the Financial Services Domain
Tatsuki Ishikawa, Imen Ben Sassi and Sadok Ben Yahia Assessment of Malicious Tweets Impact on Stock Market Prices
Hiba Abou Jamra, Marinette Savonnet and Eric Leclercq Detection of event precursors in social networks: A graphlet-based method
Zakaria Maamar, Mohamed Sellami and Fatma Masmoudi A Transactional Approach to Enforce Resource Availabilities - Application to the Cloud
Italo Oliveira, Mattia Fumagalli, Tiago Prince Sales and Giancarlo Guizzardi How FAIR are Security Core Ontologies? A Systematic Mapping Study
Olfa Slama and Patrice Darmon A Novel Personalized Preference-based Approach for Job/Candidate Recommendation
Roberto Veloso, Joao Araujo and Armanda Rodrigues Towards a WebGIS Interface Requirements Modeling Language
Quim Motger, Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco Integrating Adaptive Mechanisms into Mobile Applications Exploiting User Feedback
Chahinez Ounoughi, Amira Mouakher, Muhammad Ibraheem Sherzad and Sadok Ben Yahia A Scalable Knowledge Graph Embedding Model for Next Point-of-Interest Recommendation in Tallinn City
Silverio Martinez-Fernandez, Xavier Franch, Andreas Jedlitschka, Marc Oriol Hilari and Adam Trendowicz Developing and Operating Artificial Intelligence Models in Trustworthy Autonomous Systems
Konstantinos Tsilionis, Joris Maene, Samedi Heng, Yves Wautelet and Stephan Poelmans Conceptual Modeling Versus User Story Mapping: Which is the Best Approach to Agile Requirements Engineering?
Alaa Zreik and Zoubida Kedad Matching Conservation-Restoration Trajectories: an Ontology-Based Approach
Sanonda Datta Gupta, Aubree Nygaard, Stephen Kaplan, Vijayanta Jain and Sepideh Ghanavati PHIN: A Privacy Protected Heterogeneous IoT Network
Ruba Al Khalaf, Tommaso Alfonsi, Stefano Ceri and Anna Bernasconi CoV2K: a Knowledge Base of SARS-CoV-2 Variant Impacts
Jeferson Oliveira, Joao Paulo Almeida, Giancarlo Guizzardi and Eduardo Zambon Building Correct Taxonomies with a Well-Founded Graph Grammar
Diego Diaz, Mario Cortes-Cornax, Agnes Front, Cyril Labbe and David Faure A Method for Modeling Process Performance Indicators Variability integrated to Customizable Processes Models
Jean-Philippe Gouigoux, Dalila Tamzalit and Joost Noppen Microservices Maturity Model: Microservices maturity assessment framework applied on organizational and technical dimensions.
Nassira Achich, Fatma Ghorbel, Faycal Hamdi, Elisabeth Metais and Faiez Gargouri Dealing with Uncertain and Imprecise Time Intervals in OWL 2: A Possibility Theory-Based Approach
Randa Ben Ammar and Yassine Ben Ayed A language-based approach for predicting Alzheimer Disease severity
Afef Walha, Faiza Ghozzi and Faiez Gargouri Design and Execution of ETL Process to Build Topic Dimension from User-generated Content
Vijayanta Jain, Sanonda Datta Gupta, Sepideh Ghanavati and Sai Teja Peddinti PriGen: Towards Automated Translation of Android Applications' Code to Privacy Captions
Evangelia Vanezi, George Zampa, Christos Mettouris, Alexandros Yeratziotis and George A. Papadopoulos CompLicy: Evaluating the GDPR Compliance of Privacy Policies - a Study on Web Platforms
Mateja Nerima and Jolita Ralyte Towards a Digital Maturity Balance Model for Public Organizations
Mohammed Lamine Bouchouia, Jean-Philippe Monteuuis, Ons Jelassi, Houda Labiod, Wafa Ben Jaballah and Jonathan Petit Spatial and Temporal Cross-Validation Approach for Misbehavior Detection in C-ITS

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