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Forum Accepted Papers

Alessandro Berti, Minh Nghia Phan and Wil van der Aalst. PM4Py-GPU: a High-Performance General-Purpose Library for Process Mining.

Mahsa Pourbafrani, Majid Rafiei, Alessandro Berti and Wil M.P. van der Aalst. Interactive Business Process Comparison Using Conformance and Performance Insights - A Tool

Timotej Knez and Slavko Žitnik. ANGLEr: A Next-Generation Natural Language Exploratory Framework

Jefferson Seide Molléri. Research Incentives in Academia Leading to Unethical Behavior

Sergio España, Vijanti Ramautar and Quang Tan Le. Assessing the ethical, social and environmental performance of conferences

Nassira Achich, Fatma Ghorbel, Bilel Gargouri, Fayçal Hamdi, Elisabeth Métais and Faiez Gargouri. Handling Temporal Data Imperfections in OWL 2 - Application to Collective Memory Data Entries

Daniela Borissova, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Naiden Naidenov and Radoslav Yoshinov. Integrated Approach to Assessing the Progress of Digital Transformation by Using Multiple Objective and Subjective Indicators

Benito Giunta and Corentin Burnay. Towards Integrated Model-Driven Engineering Approach to Business Intelligence

Mari Seeba, Sten Mäses and Raimundas Matulevičius. Method for Evaluating Organisations' Information Security Level

Shufan Jiang, Rafael Angarita, Stéphane Cormier, Julien Orensanz and Francis Rousseaux. ChouBERT: Pre-training French Language Model for Crowdsensing with Tweets in Phytosanitary Context

Nicolas Belloir, Wassila Ouerdane, Oscar Pastor Lopez, Emilien Frugier and Louis-Antoine Nicolazo de Barmon. A conceptual characterization of Fake News

Elliot Maitre, Max Chevalier, Bernard Dousset, Jean-Philippe Gitto and Olivier Teste. Combinations of content representation models for event detection on social media

Abiola Paterne Chokki, Anthony Simonofski, Benoît Frénay and Benoît Vanderose. CitizenApps: Increasing Awareness and Usefulness of Open Government Data via a Mobile Application

Benjamin De Brabander, Amy Van Looy and Stijn Viaene. Digital Evolution of ERP: Capabilities, Definition and Research Agenda

Chayma Sellami, Mickael Baron, Stephane Jean, Mounir Bechchi, Allel Hadjali and Dominique Chabot. Trust Model Recommendation Driven by Application Requirements

Margot Geerts, Kiran Shaikh, Jochen De Weerdt and Seppe Vanden Broucke. Predicting the State of a House using Google Street View

Yusuf Kirikkayis, Florian Gallik and Manfred Reichert. BPMNE4IoT: A BPMN Extension for Covering IoT Requirements in Business Process Models

Mohith S, Rebhav Guha, Sonia Khetarpaul and Samant Saurabh. Team Selection using Statistical and Graphical Approaches for Cricket Fantasy Leagues

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