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RCIS 2022 is incorporating journal-first papers into its program. Authors of journal-first papers accepted inside the scope below are invited to submit their work to be presented at RCIS 2022. These presentations will allow the authors to speak directly to their peers, thus increasing awareness of the work, and will provide additional exciting content to the RCIS 2022 program.


We solicit submissions of accepted papers that meet the following criteria:

  • The paper was accepted no earlier than January 1, 2021 and no later than March 17, 2022.
  • The paper is related to the information science topics that are in the scope of the RCIS 2022 conference.
  • The paper has not been presented at, and is not under consideration for, journal-first programs of other conferences.
  • The paper is a full paper published in a Journal Citations Reports (JCR)-indexed journal, i.e. it is not a short paper, commentary, editorial, note, opinion paper, special issue introduction.
  • The paper reports completely new research results and/or presents novel contributions that significantly extend and were not previously reported in prior work.

Authors of manuscripts that meet the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal directly to the track Journal-First @ RCIS 2022 in the EasyChair submission system consisting of (1) paper title, (2) authors, (3) abstract, (4) a pointer to the original journal paper (DOI), (5) an acknowledgment that the paper meets the above-mentioned criteria, and (6) a pre-print.


Since all papers have already been reviewed and accepted by the journals, they will not be reviewed again for technical content. The committee will review the presentation proposal based on the eligibility for journal-first (the above criteria), and the justification why it is relevant and interesting to conference attendees. If we receive more proposals for eligible talks than the conference schedule allows, we will prioritise the proposals to fit the conference themes and structure of the sessions. There is no guarantee of acceptance even if all criteria above are fulfilled. Authors will not receive any technical reviews with the notification.

Important Dates
Proposal submission deadline: March 18, 2022 (AoE)
Notifiction to authors: March 31, 2022
Author registration deadline: April 7, 2022

As journal first presenter, you will have all the benefits of the conference presentation such as reaching a wider audience, interactions and discussion with peers, and feedback by peers on your work.

At least one author of each presentation accepted for the journal-first program must register and attend the conference to present the paper. The journal-first manuscripts are published through the journals and will not be part of the RCIS 2022 proceedings. The journal-first papers will be listed in the conference program and RCIS 2022 participants will have access to the paper abstracts and a pointer to the journal publication outside the conference proceedings.


Silverio Martínez-Fernández (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech)

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