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Detailed Program

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  |  Program Overview

Wednesday, May 18th

09:00-09:30Conference Opening
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
09:30-10:30Keynote 1 – Barend Mons
CHAIR: Renata Guizzardi
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
The FAIR Guiding Principles in Times of Crisis
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
LOCATION: Plaça Telecos
11:00-12:30Session 1 – Data Science and Data Management
CHAIR: Sjaak Brinkkemper
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Personal Data Markets: A Narrative Review on Influence Factors of the Price of Personal Data
Julia Busch-Casler and Marija Radic
What's in a (Data) Type? Meaningful Type Safety for Data Science
Riley Moher, Michael Gruninger and Scott Sanner
Research Data Management in the Image Lifecycle: A Study of Current Behaviors
Joana Rodrigues and Carla Lopes
11:00-12:30Session 2 – Business Process Management I
CHAIR: Selmin Nurcan
LOCATION: B3 - Sala de Teleensenyament
Progress Determination of a BPM Tool with Ad-Hoc Changes: An Empirical Study
Lisa Arnold, Marius Breitmayer and Manfred Reichert
Enabling Conformance Checking for Object Lifecycle Processes
Marius Breitmayer, Lisa Arnold and Manfred Reichert
A Framework to Improve the Accuracy of Process Simulation Models
Francesca Meneghello, Claudia Fracca, Massimiliano de Leoni, Fabio Asnicar and Alessandro Turco
LOCATION: Unity Restaurant
14:00-15:30Session 3 – Model-Driven Engineering I
CHAIR: Marcela Ruiz
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Model-Driven Production of Data-Centric Infographics: An Application to the Impact Measurement Domain
Sergio España, Vijanti Ramautar, Sietse Overbeek and Tijmen Derikx
The B Method meets MDE: Review, Progress and Future
Akram Idani
Enabling Content Management Systems as an Information Source in Model-Driven Projects
Joan Giner Miguelez, Abel Gómez and Jordi Cabot
14:00-15:30Doctoral Consortium I
LOCATION: C1 - Sala Polivalent
Towards empirically validated process modelling education using a BPMN formalism
Ilia Maslov
Scriptless Testing for Extended Reality Systems
Fernando Pastor Ricós
Evolutionary Scriptless Testing
Lianne Hufkens
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
LOCATION: A3 - Sala Polivalent
16:00-18:00Session 4 – Business Process Mining
CHAIR: Maribel Yasmina Santos
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Towards Event Log Management for Process Mining – Vision and Research Challenges
Ruud van Cruchten and Hans Weigand
Process Mining for Process Improvement – An Evaluation of Analysis Practices
Kateryna Kubrak, Fredrik Milani and Alexander Nolte
The Analysis of Online Event Streams: Predicting the Next Activity for Anomaly Detection
Suhwan Lee, Xixi Lu and Hajo A. Reijers
Process Mining: A Guide for Practitioners
Fredrik Milani, Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Fabrizio Maria Maggi and Chiara Di Francescomarino
16:00-17:30Doctoral Consortium II
LOCATION: C1 - Sala Polivalent
Towards a Roadmap for Developing Digital Work Practices: A Maturity Model Approach
Pooria Jafari
Artificial Intelligence: impacts of explainability on value creation and decision making
Taoufik El Oualidi
Multi-task learning for automatic event-centric temporal knowledge graph construction
Timotej Knez

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  |  Program Overview

Thursday, May 19th

09:30-10:30Keynote 2 – Florence Sèdes 
CHAIR: Jolita Ralyté
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
We are open. The door is just very heavy
New challenges in Information Science or how can IS help with fairness, diversity, non-discrimination?
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
LOCATION: Plaça Telecos
11:00-12:30Session 5 – Ontologies
CHAIR: Hans Weigand
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Conceptual Integration for Social-Ecological Systems: An Ontological Approach
Greta Adamo and Max Willis
Abstracting Ontology-Driven Conceptual Models: Objects, Aspects, Events, and their Parts
Diego Calvanese, Giancarlo Guizzardi and Elena Romanenko
Ontological Foundations for Trust Dynamics: The Case of Central Bank Digital Currency Ecosystems
Glenda Amaral, Tiago Prince Sales and Giancarlo Guizzardi
11:00-12:30Session 6 – Business Process Management II
CHAIR: Mario Cortes-Cornax
LOCATION: B3 - Sala de Teleensenyament
Supporting Impact Analysis of Process-Aware Information System Updates Using Digital Twins of Organizations
Gyunam Park, Marco Comuzzi and Wil van der Aalst
Hybrid Business Process Simulation: Updating Detailed Process Simulation Models Using High-level Simulations
Mahsa Pourbafrani and Wil M.P. van der Aalst
Data-Driven Analysis of Batch Processing Inefficiencies in Business Processes
Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Fredrik Milani, David Chapela-Campa and Marlon Dumas
11:00-12:30Tutorial 1
LOCATION: C1 - Sala de Tesines
Information Security & Risk Management: Trustworthiness and Human Interaction
Presenters: Nicholas Fair, Stephen Phillips (University of Southampton), Gencer Erdogan, Ragnhild Halvorsrud (SINTEF)
LOCATION: Unity Restaurant
14:00-15:30Session 7 – Conceptual Modeling
CHAIR: Oscar Pastor
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Defining Key Concepts in Software Engineering: The Adoption of the Definition of Feature
Sabine Molenaar, Emilie Steenvoorden, Nikita van den Berg, Fabiano Dalpiaz and Sjaak Brinkkemper
Contratto – A Method for Transforming Legal Contracts into Formal Specifications
Michele Soavi, Nicola Zeni, John Mylopoulos and Luisa Mich
Understanding and Modeling Prevention
Ítalo Oliveira, Riccardo Baratella, Mattia Fumagalli and Giancarlo Guizzardi
14:00-15:30Tutorial 2 
LOCATION: C1 - Sala de Tesines
The Challenge of Collecting and Analyzing Information From Citizens and Social Media in Emergencies: the Crowd4SDG Experience and Tools
Presenters: Barbara Pernici, Carlo Alberto Bono, Mehmet Oguz Mulayim, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez
14:00-15:30Research Projects I
LOCATION: C3 - Sala Àgora
PhyDaC - Stress Detection from Physiological Data in Cattle
Franci Suni-Lopez, Angela Mayhua-Quispe, Nelly Condori-Fernandez and Elisban Flores Quenaya
ENACTEST - European iNnovation AllianCe for TESting educaTion
Beatriz Marín, Tanja E. J. Vos, Ana Paiva, Anna Fasolino and Monique Snoeck
A Methodology for Modeling Digital Transformation of Organizations to Integrate Automated Decision-Making Tools based on Artificial Intelligence
Antonin Abherve, Bilal Said and Alessandra Bagnato
Towards AIDOaRt Objectives via Joint Model-based Architectural Effort
Bilal Said, Andrey Sadovykh, Etienne Brosse and Alessandra Bagnato
D3M: Automated Data-Driven Decision
Carles Farré, Javier Flores, Sergi Nadal and Alejandra Volkova
Electrospindle 4.0: towards Zero Defect Manufacturing of Spindles
Various Authors From Partners Organizations, Francesco Leotta and Massimo Mecella
StoryBook - A storytelling-based platform for digital book stores
Massimo Mecella, Eleonora Bernasconi and various authors from partners’ organizations
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
LOCATION: A3 - Sala Polivalent
16:00-17:30Session 8 – Requirements Engineering
CHAIR: Thomas Polacsek
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Requirements Engineering for Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Systems: A Literature Survey
Lawrence Araa Odong, Anna Perini and Angelo Susi
On the Current Practices for Specifying Sustainability Requirements
Salvador Mendes, JoÃo Araujo and Ana Moreira
Assisted-Modeling Requirements for Model-Driven Development Tools
David Mosquera, Marcela Ruiz, Oscar Pastor and Jürgen Spielberger
16:00-17:30Tutorial 3 
LOCATION: C1 - Sala de Tesines
Information Science Research with Machine Learning: Best Practices and Pitfalls
Presenter: Andreas Vogelsang
16:00-17:30Research Projects II
LOCATION: C3 - Sala Àgora
IVVES (Industrial-Grade Verification and Validation of Evolving Systems)
Pekka Aho, Tanja Vos, Otto Sybrandi, Sorin Patrasoiu, Joona Oikarinen, Olivia Rodriguez Valdes and Lianne Hufkens
The MORPHEMIC Project and its Unified User Interface
Amina Moussaoui, Alessandra Bagnato, Etienne Brosse, Józefina Krasnodębska and Paweł Skrzypek
DOGO4ML: Development, Operation and Data Governance for ML-based Software Systems
Claudia P. Ayala, Besim Bilalli, Cristina Gómez and Silverio Martínez-Fernández
NOTAE: NOT A writtEn word but graphic symbols
Various authors from partners, Francesco Leotta, Massimo Mecella and Silvestro V. Veneruso
SCIBA - A prototype of the computerized cartographic system of an archaeological bibliography
Massimo Mecella, Alberto Morvillo and various authors from partners’ organizations
Proposition of an Unified Theory on Resistance to Data -- Empirical Studies and Experimentations to Reduce Barriers to Data Usage in Decision Support Systems
Benito Giunta and Corentin Burnay
IWiRoM: an Intelligent Winter Road Maintenance Information System
Jānis Grabis, Jānis Kampars, Līva Deksne, Krišjānis Pinka and Mārtiņš Zviedris

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  |  Program Overview

Friday, May 20th

09:30-10:30Keynote 3 – Alberto Abelló
CHAIR: Xavier Franch
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Big DataBase Management System
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
LOCATION: Plaça Telecos
11:00-12:30Session 9 – Information Search and Analysis
CHAIR: João Araújo
LOCATION: B3 - Sala de Teleensenyament
Towards an Arabic Text Summaries Evaluation Based on AraBERT Model
Samira Ellouze and Maher Jaoua
Recommender System for EOSC. Challenges and Possible Solutions
Marcin Wolski, Krzysztof Martyn and Bartosz Walter
ERIS: An Approach based on Community Boundaries to Assess Polarization in Online Social Networks
Alexis Guyot, Annabelle Gillet, Eric Leclercq and Nadine Cullot
11:00-12:30Session 10 – Machine Learning Applications
CHAIR: Saïd Assar
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
Autonomous Object Detection using a UAV Platform in the Maritime Environment
Emmanuel Vasilopoulos, Georgios Vosinakis, Maria Krommyda, Lazaros Karagiannidis, Eleftherios Ouzounoglou and Angelos Amditis
Bosch’s Industry 4.0 Advanced Data Analytics: Historical and Predictive Data Integration for Decision Support
João Galvão, Diogo Ribeiro, Inês Machado, Filipa Ferreira, Júlio Gonçalves, Rui Faria, Guilherme Moreira, Carlos Costa, Paulo Cortez and Maribel Yasmina Santos
Benchmarking Conventional Outlier Detection Methods
Elena Tiukhova, Manon Reusens, Bart Baesens and Monique Snoeck
11:00-12:30Forum I
LOCATION: C3 - Sala Àgora
11:00-11:10 Elevator Pitch
11:10-12:30 Forum exhibition and discussion
Handling Temporal Data Imperfections in OWL 2 - Application to Collective Memory Data Entries
Nassira Achich, Fatma Ghorbel, Bilel Gargouri, Fayçal Hamdi, Elisabeth Métais and Faiez Gargouri
Integrated Approach to Assessing the Progress of Digital Transformation by Using Multiple Objective and Subjective Indicators
Daniela Borissova, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Naiden Naidenov and Radoslav Yoshinov
Towards Integrated Model-Driven Engineering Approach to Business Intelligence
Benito Giunta and Corentin Burnay
Method for Evaluating Information Security Level in Organisations
Mari Seeba, Sten Mäses and Raimundas Matulevičius
ChouBERT: Pre-training French Language Model for Crowdsensing with Tweets in Phytosanitary Context
Shufan Jiang, Rafael Angarita, Stéphane Cormier, Julien Orensanz and Francis Rousseaux
A Conceptual Characterization of Fake News: a Positioning Paper
Nicolas Belloir, Wassila Ouerdane, Oscar Pastor Lopez, Emilien Frugier and Louis-Antoine Nicolazo de Barmon
Combinations of Content Representation Models for Event Detection on Social Media
Elliot Maitre, Max Chevalier, Bernard Dousset, Jean-Philippe Gitto and Olivier Teste
Increasing Awareness and Usefulness of Open Government Data: An Empirical Analysis of Communication Methods
Abiola Paterne Chokki, Anthony Simonofski, Benoît Frénay and Benoît Vanderose
Toward Digital ERP: A Literature Review
Benjamin De Brabander, Amy Van Looy and Stijn Viaene
LOCATION: Unity Restaurant
14:00-15:00Session 11 – Model Driven Engineering II
CHAIR: Giancarlo Guizzardi
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster
A Global Model-Driven Denormalization Approach for Schema Migration
Jihane Mali, Shohreh Ahvar, Faten Atigui, Ahmed Azough and Nicolas Travers
State Model Inference Through the Graphical User Interface Using Scriptless Testing
Ad Mulders, Olivia Rodriguez Valdes, Fernando Pastor Ricos, Pekka Aho, Beatriz Marin and Tanja E.J. Vos
14:00-15:00Session 12 – Digital Transformation and Smart Life
CHAIR: Nikolay Mehandjiev
LOCATION: B3 - Sala de Teleensenyament
How do Startups and Corporations Engage in Open Innovation? An Exploratory Study
Maria Cecília Cavalcanti Jucá and Carina Frota Alves
Smart Life: Review of the Contemporary Smart Applications
Elena Kornyshova, Rebecca Deneckere, Kaoutar Sadouki, Eric Gressier-Soudan and Sjaak Brinkkemper
14:00-15:30Forum II
LOCATION: C3 - Sala Àgora
14:00-14:10 Elevator Pitch
14:10-15:30 Forum exhibition and discussion
Trust Model Recommendation Driven by Application Requirements
Chayma Sellami, Mickael Baron, Stephane Jean, Mounir Bechchi, Allel Hadjali and Dominique Chabot
Predicting the State of a House using Google Street View
Margot Geerts, Kiran Shaikh, Jochen De Weerdt and Seppe Vanden Broucke
Towards a Comprehensive BPMN Extension for Modeling IoT-Aware Processes in Business Process Models
Yusuf Kirikkayis, Florian Gallik and Manfred Reichert
Team Selection using Statistical and Graphical Approaches for Cricket Fantasy Leagues
Mohith S, Rebhav Guha, Sonia Khetarpaul and Samant Saurabh
PM4Py-GPU: a High-Performance General-Purpose Library for Process Mining
Alessandro Berti, Minh Nghia Phan and Wil van der Aalst
Interactive Business Process Comparison Using Conformance and Performance Insights - A Tool
Mahsa Pourbafrani, Majid Rafiei, Alessandro Berti and Wil M.P. van der Aalst
Research Incentives in Academia Leading to Unethical Behavior
Jefferson Seide Molléri
Assessing the ethical, social and environmental performance of conferences
Sergio España, Vijanti Ramautar and Quang Tan Le
ANGLEr: A Next-Generation Natural Language Exploratory Framework
Timotej Knez, Marko Bajec and Slavko Žitnik
15:30-16:00Conference Closing
LOCATION: A3 - Aula Màster

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