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May 23 2023: RCIS 2023 conference is now ready to open, welcome!
May 18 2023: The details for the RCIS 2023 sightseeing tour have been updated!
May 18 2023: The details for the RCIS 2023 sightseeing tour have been updated!
April 28 2023: The gala dinner location is now announced!
April 25 2023: The list of accepted papers (full conference, forum, doctoral consortium, journal - first) is now published!
April 24 2023: The Program of the Conference is now announced!
March 21 2023: RCIS 2023 Program Board met in Paris and notifications of papers for the main conference and forum have already been sent! Stay tuned for the programme!
February 23 2023: Extension on the dates for the call for Research Projects - February 24, 2023 New date: March 13, 2023
January 26 2023: We consider that the authors need more time. We would like to change the deadlines from: Deadline 29.01.2023 to the following.
Abstracts (*mandatory*): February 5th
Full Papers: February 10th
January 23 2022: Call for Papers - Submission, Deadline 29.01.2023 -> February 5th 2023 (abstracts - mandatory), February 10th 2023 (Full Papers)
October 21 2022: Conference dates: 23 - 26 May.
Place: Corfu, Greece. Hosting from Ionian University and NMSLab from the Department of informatics.
October 20 2022: The New Website of RCIS is ready!

Ionian University
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Department of Informatics - Ionian University

NMSLab (Networks, Multimedia and Networks) - Ionian University

University of Essex

Institute for Analytics and Data Science
Detailed Program

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  |  Program Overview

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

8:00 : Registration at the Department of Informatics

9:00-9h30 : RCIS 2023 Opening (Auditorium)

9h30-10h30 Keynote 1 by Nancy Pouloudi Building bridges in shaky contexts: navigating the digitally interconnected world (Auditorium)
          Session chair: Aggeliki Tsohou

10:30-11:00 Coffee break


11:00-12h30 : Tutorial 1 - Blockchain Technology in Information Science: How Blockchains Enable the Connected World (Room 3)


11:00-12h30 : Research Projects I (Room 1)

·         Nicolas Bono Rossello, Antoine Clarinval and Anthony Simonofski. Digital Co-Creation of Public Services with Citizens: Understanding Pre-Conditions, Technologies and Outcomes
Presenter: Antoine Clarinval

·        Markos Avlonitis Ioannis Vlachos, Nikolaos Marios Polymenakos, Evangelos Alvanitopoulos, Marios Anagnostou, Ioannis Karydis and Markos Avlonitis. SAVE-WATER: Increasing cross-border infrastructure’s capacity for water management.
Presenter: Marios Anagnostou

·         Adrian Rumpel, Marc C. Hennig and Rainer Schmidt. Transformer-based Prediction of IoT-Events
Presenters: Marc C. Hennig and Rainer Schmidt

·         Henrique Matos and Henrique Santos. People Tracking in a Smart Campus context using Multiple Cameras
Presenter: Henrique Santos

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15h30 : Paper session 1 - Requirements (Room 3)
         Session chair: Colette Rolland

·       Anouck Chan, Anthony Fernandes Pires, Thomas Polacsek, Stephanie Roussel, François Bouissiere, Claude Cuiller and Pierre-Eric Dereux. Goal Modelling: Design and Manufacturing in Aeronautics

·       Antoine Aubé and Thomas Polacsek. Cloud Migration High-Level Requirements

·       Antoine Clarinval, Julien Albert, Clémentine Schelings, Catherine Elsen, Bruno Dumas and Annick Castiaux. Idea Browsing on Digital Participation Platforms: A Mixed-methods Requirements Study

14:00-15h30 : Research Projects II (Room 1)

·         Hamed Farkhari, Joseanne Viana, Pedro Sebastiao, Luis Bernardo, Sarang Kahvazadeh and Rui Dinis. Accurate and Reliable Methods for 5G UAV Jamming Identification With Calibrated Uncertainty
Presenter: Hamed Farkhari

·       Alexandros Papanikolaou, Christos Ilioudis and Vasilis Katos. lCyber-pi: Intelligent cyberthreat detection and supervised response
Presenter: Alexandros Papanikolaou

·         Ralfs Matisons, Juris Tihomirovs and Rolands Zaharovs. DROVIDS: A Platform for Workplace Safety.
Presenter: Jānis Grabis

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-18h00 : Paper session 2 - Conceptual modeling and ontologies (Room 1)
Session chair: Oscar Pastor

·         Elena Romanenko, Diego Calvanese and Giancarlo Guizzardi. What Do Users Think about Abstractions of Ontology-Driven Conceptual Models?

·         Mattia Fumagalli, Gal Engelberg, Tiago Prince Sales, Italo Oliveira, Dan Klein, Pnina Soffer, Riccardo Baratella and Giancarlo Guizzardi. On the Semantics of Risk Propagation

·         Greta Adamo and Max Willis. The omnipresent role of technology in social-ecological systems: ontological discussion and updated integrated framework

·         Cristine Griffo, Lauro Cesar Araujo, Samuel Meira Brasil Jr., Mamede Lima-Marques, Giancarlo Guizzardi and João Paulo A. Almeida. Modeling the Dynamics of Contractual Relations (journal first)

16:00-18:00 Coaching and Mentoring (Room 3)  

17:00-18h00 : FORUM Pitches (Room 3)

·     Tjaša Jelovšek, Marko Bajec, Iztok Lebar Bajec, Kaja Gantar and Slavko Žitnik. Online-Notes System: Real-time speech recognition and translation of lectures.

·     Timotej Knez and Slavko Žitnik. Temporal relation extraction from clinical texts using knowledge graphs

·     Niels Doorn, Tanja E. J. Vos, Beatriz Marín, Christoph Bockish, Steffen Dick and Erik Barendsen. Domain TILEs: Test Informed Learning with Examples from the Testing Domain

·     Fernando Pastor Ricós, Rick Neeft, Beatriz Marín, Tanja E. J. Vos and Pekka Aho. Using GUI change detection for delta testing

·     Dominik Bork, Panagiotis Papapetrou and Jelena Zdravkovic. Enterprise Modeling for Machine Learning: Case-based Analysis and Initial Framework Proposal

·    Panos Mazarakis. Towards Creating a Secure Framework for Building Mirror World Applications

·     Eleni Polydorou. Towards a Secure and Privacy compliant Framework for Educational Data Mining

·     Asimina Tsouplaki. Internet of Cloud (IoC): The need of raising privacy and security awareness

·     Bissan Audeh, Maia Sutter and Christine Largeron. Comparative study of unsupervised keyword extraction methods for job recommendation

·     Chen Hsi Tsai, Jelena Zdravkovic and Janis Stirna. A Meta-model for Digital Business Ecosystem Design

·     Carles Farré, Xavier Franch, Marc Oriol and Alexandra Volkova. Supporting Students in Team-Based Software Development Projects: An Exploratory Study

·     Lohanna Saraiva, Patricio Alencar, Angelica Castro, Claudia Ribeiro and Joao Moreira. Ontology of Product Provenance for Value Networks

·     Ben Hellmanzik and Kurt Sandkuhl. A Data Value Matrix: Linking FAIR Data with Business Models

·     Aikaterini Soumelidou and Thanos Papaioannou. An Information Privacy Competency Model for Online Consumers

·     Fadime Kaya, Francisco Perez, Joris Dekker and Jaap Gordijn. DECENT: A Domain Specific Language to Design Governance Decisions

19:00-21h00 :
Welcome reception (Ionian Academy)  

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

8:00 : Registration at the Department of Informatics

9:00-10h30 : Keynote by Schahram DUSTDAR - Research challenges for large-scale interconnected ecosystems (Auditorium)

Session chair: Andreas Opdahl

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12h30 : Paper session 3 - Machine Learning and Analytics (Room 3)
  Session chair: Maribel Yasmina Santos

·         Olivia Rodriguez Valdes, Pekka Aho, Beatriz Marín and Tanja E. J. Vos. Reinforcement learning for scriptless testing: An empirical investigation of reward functions

·         Viet-Anh Luu-Dam, Tuan-Dat Trinh and Van-Thanh Nguyen. A General Framework for Blockchain Data Analysis

·         Aida Ashrafi, Bjørnar Tessem and Katja Enberg. Detection of fishing activities from vessel trajectories

11:00-12h30 : Tutorial 2 - How to Develop and Realize Conceptual Models? The Bee-Up Research & Education Support Tool  (Room 1)

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15h30 : Paper session 4 - Conceptual modeling and semantic networks (Room 3)
 Session chair: Renata Guizzardi

·         Laura-Maria Cornei and Diana Trandabat. DBSpark: A system for natural language to SPARQL translation

·         Pedro Guimarães, Ana León and Maribel Yasmina Santos. An Automated Patterns-based Model-to-Model Mapping and Transformation System for Labeled Property Graphs

·         Beatriz Franco Martins, José Fabián Reyes Román, Oscar Pastor and Moshe Hadad. Improving Conceptual Domain Characterization in Ontology Networks

14:00-15h30 :
FORUM Posters

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

FORUM Posters (Outdoors)

16:00-18h00 : Paper session 5 - Business Process Design and Computing in the Continuum (Room 3)
Session chair: Marko Bajec

·        Claire Deventer and Pietro Zidda. Adoption of Virtual Agents in Healthcare E-commerce: a Perceived Value Perspective

·        Kateryna Kubrak, Fredrik Milani and Juuli Nava. Digital Technology-Driven Business Process Redesign: A Classification Framework

·         Pedro Valderas. Supporting the Implementation of Digital Twins for IoT-Enhanced BPs

·        Rustem Dautov and Hui Song. Context-Aware Digital Twins to Support Software Management at the Edge

Thursday, 25 May 2023

8:30 : Registration at the Department of Informatics

9:00-10h30 : PANEL Trends and Challenges in Information Science for a Connected World

Panel coordinator : Jolita Ralyté

Session chair: Selmin Nurcan

9:00-10h30 : Tutorial 3 : Comparing Products using Similarity Matching I (Room 1)

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12h30 :
Tutorial 3 :
Comparing Products using Similarity Matching II (Room 1)

11:00-12h30 : Paper session 6 - Requirements and Evaluation (Room 3)
     Session chair: Tanja Vos

·        Eddy Kiomba Kambilo, Irina Rychkova, Nicolas Herbaut and Carine Souveyet. Addressing Trust Issues in Supply-Chain Management Systems through Blockchain Software Patterns

·       Rutger Kerkhof, Luís Ferreira Pires and Renata Guizzardi. Evaluating Process Efficiency with Data Envelopment Analysis: a Case in the Automotive Industry

·       Lukas Daubner, Raimundas Matulevicius and Barbora Buhnova. A Model of Qualitative Factors in Forensic-Ready Software Systems

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15h30 : Paper session 7 - Monitoring and recommending (Room 3)
Session chair: Raimundas Matulevicius

·         Tea Šinik, Iris Beerepoot and Hajo Reijers. A Peek into the Working Day: Comparing Techniques for Recording Employee Behaviour

·       Elsa Negre, Franck Ravat and Olivier Teste. Context-aware recommender systems: aggregation-based dimensionality reduction

·       Lisa Arnold, Marius Breitmayer and Manfred Reichert. Monitoring object-centric Business Processes: An Empirical Study

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

14:00-15h30 : DC Session I:
       Session Chair: Saïd Assar and Tana Vos, with panel comprising Beatriz Marin and Emmanouil V. Magkos

·         Javara Allah Bukhsh.. Guidelines for Developers and Recommendations for Users to Mitigate Phishing Attacks: An Interdisciplinary Research Approach

·       Vyron Kampourakis. Secure infrastructure for cyber-physical ranges

·      Marc C. Hennig. Leveraging Exogeneous Data for the Predictive Monitoring of IT Service Management Processes

16:00-18h00 : DC Session II:
        Session chair: Saïd Assar and Tana Vos, panel comprising Beatriz Marin and Oscar Pastor

·       Philippe Aussu. Information overload: coping mechanisms and tools impact

·      Sarah Pinon. Business User-oriented Recommender System of Data

·      Rena Lavranou. Predicting privacy decisions in mobile applications and raising users� privacy awareness

·      DC Conclusion.

16:00-18h00 : Paper session 8 - Business processes analysis and improvement (Room 3)
 Session Chair: Rainer Schmidt

·        Katsiaryna Lashkevich, Lino Moises Mediavilla Ponce, Manuel Camargo, Fredrik Milani and Marlon Dumas. Discovery of Improvement Opportunities in Knock-out Checks of Business Processes

·        Janna-Liina Leemets, Kateryna Kubrak, Fredrik Milani and Alexander Nolte. Persuasive Visual Presentation of Prescriptive Business Processes

·         Majid Rafiei, Frederik Wangelik, Mahsa Pourbafrani and Wil M. P. van der Aalst. TraVaG: Differentially Private Trace Variant Generation Using GANs

·         Jelmer Koorn, Xixi Lu, Henrik Leopold and Hajo A. Reijers. From action to response to effect: Mining statistical relations in work processes (journal first)

20:00 - : Gala dinner (Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant)

Friday, 26 May 2023

8:30 : Registration at the Department of Informatics

9:00-10h30 : Keynote by Sokratis K. KATSIKAS Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in the Connected World: A viable partnership? (Auditorium)
      Session chair: Haris Mouratidis

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12h30 : Paper session 9 - User interface and user experience (Room 3)
 Session chari: Said Assar

·        Corentin Burnay, Sarah Bouraga and Mathieu Lega. When Dashboard’s Content Becomes a Barrier - Exploring the Effects of Cognitive Overloads on BI Adoption

·         Thomas Chambon, Ulysse Soulat, Jeanne Lallement and Jean-Loup Guillaume. The effect of visual information complexity on urban mobility intention and behavior

·         Vincent-Nam Dang, Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, Imen Megdiche and Franck Ravat. Interoperability of Open Science Metadata: what about the reality ?

11:00-12h30 :
Tutorial 4 :
Getting started with scriptless test automation through the graphical user interface, a hands-on tutorial  (Room 1)

12h30-14h00 : Best paper awards and RCIS 2023 CLOSING (Room 3)

Research Challenges in Information Science Series