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May 23 2023: RCIS 2023 conference is now ready to open, welcome!
May 18 2023: The details for the RCIS 2023 sightseeing tour have been updated!
May 18 2023: The details for the RCIS 2023 sightseeing tour have been updated!
April 28 2023: The gala dinner location is now announced!
April 25 2023: The list of accepted papers (full conference, forum, doctoral consortium, journal - first) is now published!
April 24 2023: The Program of the Conference is now announced!
March 21 2023: RCIS 2023 Program Board met in Paris and notifications of papers for the main conference and forum have already been sent! Stay tuned for the programme!
February 23 2023: Extension on the dates for the call for Research Projects - February 24, 2023 New date: March 13, 2023
January 26 2023: We consider that the authors need more time. We would like to change the deadlines from: Deadline 29.01.2023 to the following.
Abstracts (*mandatory*): February 5th
Full Papers: February 10th
January 23 2022: Call for Papers - Submission, Deadline 29.01.2023 -> February 5th 2023 (abstracts - mandatory), February 10th 2023 (Full Papers)
October 21 2022: Conference dates: 23 - 26 May.
Place: Corfu, Greece. Hosting from Ionian University and NMSLab from the Department of informatics.
October 20 2022: The New Website of RCIS is ready!

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Sightseeing Tour - Friday, May 26

Revealing Ionian beauty: Corfu, the old town and the island

Join us on this evening exclusive RCIS 2023 tour through the beauty of one of the most idyllic places in the Ionian Sea. We will explore the charm of the old town of Corfu facing it from... the sea! Afterwards, we will get to know the unique beauty of the Corfu landscape and the unobstructed view of the Ionian Sea’s endless blue, tasting local flavors and discovering traditional production techniques of the ancient Greek treasure, olive oil.
Corfu Town is one of the prettiest and most romantic places all over Greece. Named the “Greek Venice,” it’s located on the Ionian’s second biggest island and is filled with Byzantine, Venetian, French and British influence- this is felt throughout the Old Town which has, in its entirety, been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the end of the 14th century, when Corfu passed from the Byzantines to the Venetians, the island was also dominated by other peoples of the West, such as the French and the English. The centuries-long co-existence of the natives with people of different cultures of the West, contributed decisively to the creation of the unique physiognomy that distinguishes this city. Our guided tour of the history of medieval Corfu will take place by boat, crossing the entire coastline of the city and enjoying a rare perspective of the sights.
The island of Corfu is an ode to the beauty of nature. Green dominates the landscape and invades the colors of the sea, where the view takes the first role. In the mountainous north, we will follow one of the most beautiful routes to enjoy the view of the open horizon of the Ionian Sea, above the most famous beaches of the island. During this route our guides will tell us everything we need to know about this very special corner of Greece.
The history of the island, like most of Greece, is intertwined with the production of olive oil. At the end of the route, we will have the opportunity to take a tour of a traditional olive mill and learn about the way olive oil was produced in the past and how much it influenced the Greek culture and history.

Meeting Point: Our meeting point is at the main entrance of the campus, where Department of Informatics is located (you can check the point through the following link), at 14:30. At the meeting point, we will board the buses bound for the old port of Corfu. The first part of the Sightseeing Tour will start at 14:50 where we will embark the boat, in the Old Port of Corfu and is expected to last until 16:00. The second part of the Sightseeing Tour will start at 16:15, after boarding the buses in the Old Port, which will follow a route of two stops at points of interest. The departure time from the last stop will be around 19:30 and the arrival in Corfu city center is expected at 20:30.

The Sightseeing Tour is operated by Corfu Union Transfers and Tours


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